Friday, 17 May 2013

Running - spreading the love!

Sometimes you just have that *really good run* when you feel so lucky to be alive and priviledged to be able to run? That was me this morning.

It was the first meeting of the Leith Primary School Running Club. I was taking a team of primary 6 and 7 pupils running, in advance of their inter-schools 'cross country' (i.e., twice round Leith Links - which nobody could ever really describe as 'country'!) race. It was a small group and the atmosphere was great - we met before school started, so everyone who participated was really keen!

It was sunny and warm, , the sky was blue, and the trees round the links were heavy with pink cherry blossom. We ran past the running club of the other local primary school, Leith St Mary's RC, and cheerfully waved - they've had a running club for a few years now and there must have been about 40 of them! Not as intimate as ours... although we all know, from small acorns grow big nuts. So I'm hoping we'll end up with lots of running nuts at Leith Primary in a few years!

We warmed up with 'funny running' in the playground, we ran follow-the-leader across the Links to the race route, and then covered half the distance of the race before walking back to school in time for the bell. There was a range of abilities, but everybody seemed happy - I got some lovely feedback, including one chuffed boy who said he'd never ran so far before and felt proud of himself. That made me grin.

Can't wait till next week for more!

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