Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Two weeks till the Marathon, and the taper's kicking in. Tuesday was 4 miles, today's was 6, and tomorrow's is 3 miles. Three miles? Is that worth getting out of bed for?!

It is harder than I thought. I need to practice tapering!

Yesterday I supplemented my run with 19 lengths (not quite a kilometer, bah!!) of the Commonwealth Pool while daughter was in her swimming lesson. Today I ran another 2.5miles in the gym at Meadowbank while daughter was in the gym class (I had new trainers to try out and Run4it will give me a new pair if they don't work out, as long as I only use them on a treadmill.)

Otherwise this week I've been really fatigued - with rehearsals every weekend in addition to my marathon training I've been working my body really hard. Three early nights in a row and I feel much more human.

The visit to the gym at Meadowbank was really good. I don't like gyms much - the last time I went to a gym was the last time I had new trainers! Running on a treadmill takes a bit of getting used to - the first miles felt tedious but I got used to it.

After my run (trainers felt okay but my left wee toe got a bit tingly after two miles - need to examine my lacing options!) I had a wee shot on the PowerPlate. Ryan the Gym Guy was really helpful and I was really impressed. As well as showing my how it worked, he gently but *extremely* effectively tweaked my posture (well, he does teach pilates too) to make sure I was working properly. He went on to show me improved technique for a hip flexor stretch, which was reveleatory!! So, all in all, well worth the £3.50 for the visit to the gym.

Tomorrow... three miles... and maybe just a wee teeny bit of hooping after??