Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pre-Marathon Excitement

I'm two hours and twenty minutes away from the starting line! And I'm really excited.
I don't remember being so excited before last year's Edinburgh Marathon, or in fact about ANY race I've ever done. It's strange - I'm in a good mood and I feel like dancing! But the sun is shining and today is the culmination of 16 weeks of training - and I'm going to beat 4 hours today!
Well wishes.

I've been following Marathon Training Academy's sub 4-hour training programme, I've done all my runs (bar two, missed one because hubby was away with work and another because of plantar faasciatis) and hit my targets in the Yasso 800s. I've done 3 twenty-milers and come in at around 2hours 55mins for each those, which does predict a sub 4-hour marathon time. These are good signs!

If I'm being pessamistic - and I'm not! - the wind and the sunshine could have a negative impact; I'm wearing new trainers which I've only done a maximum of 14 miles in (but my runs have been faster when I've been wearing them!); and... ummm... nope, can't think of any other problems.
Yesterday I got a bit daunted when I thought about what I'd done in the four hours of Saturday that I'd be running for on Sunday. Yesterday four hours was
  • collecting girl from ballet
  • playing in the park
  • reading a magazine
  • going to the library
  • going for lunch
  • shopping
  • visiting the flea market
And today it'll be run. Run. Run.

This morning I have so far
  • got up at 6.15am
  • listened to Paul McKenna
  • ate oats and milk with blueberries and nuts
  • drank a pot of green tea and a cup of black tea (it's unthinkable to do anything significant without a cup of tea first)
  • took my vitamins
  • tweeted a bit
  • got dressed 
  • watched cartoons with the kids
I'm trying to time my fluids to cut down on time spent in the loo queue - no more fluids after 0730 and seeing how that works out.
In a bit, I'm planning to nip down to Seafield Road to test the wind. Seafield Road is on the route and it's on my regular training route too, so I know it can be windy. I want to know if the wing will be behind me on the way out or the way back. Living by the sea however I know how quickly it can change. It sucks when the wind's in your face on the way out AND the way back! But it might calm me a bit to know whether I have to increase my pace on the way out or the way back to make up for the slowing effect of the headwind.
ooh, cloud? fancy that... but it's sunny now!

I'm leaving at 9am and the gun is at 10am. Although if last year's anything to go by, it should take at least 20 minutes for me to get started.
Last night I got my stuff all ready.
got my stuff together

  • Eight gels - every 4 miles plus one for the start
  • phone
  • cash for a burger and a bus home in case the family can't make it to the finish line
  • ipod with Wittertainment and Marathon Training Academy podcasts and some tunes
  • race number
I'm hoping not to lose any of my toenails today.
Right, I think I've run out of things to say now. Off to feed the kids some breakfast and wait for my nerves to kick in.
Then I'm just off out for a nice long run in the sunshine for a little less than four lovely hours.

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