Saturday, 18 January 2014

ETM. Eternally Talking Muppet.

I have six days until the first assessment for my Exercise to Music qualification (ETM). I don't think I will think about much else for the next 6 days.

I've been teaching bellydance for the last 9 years. For at least four hours per week, I stand in front of a class and instruct them in a physical activity. I thought this would mean that working for an ETM qualification would be something I would find fun and within my comfort zone.


I'm glad that I have confidence in standing in the front of the class, because there are so many other elements to juggle that it's good to be comfortable with *one* aspect of it.

Getting the choreographies prepared has taken a really long time. Ensuring that there are changes at the right time, in the right direction, and the right kind of movements to the right kind of music has made my brain hurt. It's not like dancing because you never *respond* to the music, you only count it. Which is less fun than I had expected.

But here's the bit I like least. When I'm delivering the class, I have to talk non-stop. For each section of the 22 minute aerobic curve (warm-up, peak and warm-down, ranging from 128BPM to 140BPM and back down to 132BPM) I have to give my class
  • 5 teaching points
  • 5 posture points
  • 5 ways to make the move harder
  • 5 ways to make the move easier
  • 5 alternatives to the moves I'm demonstrating.

That's 25 sentences. The shortest section is only 4 minutes long and I have to say 25 things at the same time as I'm demonstrating choreography at 140BPM.

I'm daunted.

The only real advice I've had is to practice, and that it all gets easier the better you know your choreography. So I'm getting as much practice as I can, all alone, in my house, annoying the crap out of my downstairs neighbours.

I think I am enjoying the course. I like a challenge and this is one. But I won't be sad when it's over. Which hopefully will be sooner (if I pass on Friday) rather than later (if I don't and I have to resit!)