Sunday, 1 April 2012

Marathon Training Programme

This is the marathon training programme I'm going for. It comes from the Edinburgh Marathon Festival site and I think that 4 runs per week will work better for me than the 6 that my friend Luis recommended to me! It is their "First Timer Option 1" schedule, no tempo or pace runs, which makes things a bit more straighforward and a bit less daunting. If I'm finding it too easy (which I doubt!!) I can always step it up a bit to one of the other programmes.

I'm a bit disappointed that tomorrow is a rest day - I'm desperate to get started! But since this schedule is designed for a Sunday race, I'll stick with this programme. Maybe a bit of stretching and some weights tomorrow instead. After all, tomorrow is the first day of the Easter holidays, which means that I'll have an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old at home all day with me. I will need to do all I can to keep my sanity intact and a workout will be a good start to the week!

W/E Apr 8  Rest 4m run  8m run  4m run  Rest  16m run  Cross Train 
10 W/E Apr 15 Rest 4m run 8m run 5m run Rest  12m run   Cross Train 
11  W/E Apr 22  Rest  4m run  9m run  5m run  Rest  18m run  Cross Train 
12  W/E Apr 29 Rest  5m run  9m run  5m run  Rest  14m run  Cross Train 
13  W/E May 6 Rest  5m run  10m run  5m run  Rest  20m run  Cross Train 
14  W/E May 13  Rest  5m run  8m run  4m run  Rest  12m run  Cross Train 
15  W/E May 20 Rest  4m run  6m run  3m run  Rest  8m run  Cross Train 
16  W/E May 27 Rest  3m run  4m run  2m run  Rest  Rest  EMF Marathon 

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