Monday, 3 September 2012


It was our first practial gym-based session of term at college today. Our tutor is off sick with a broken cheekbone, and our stand-in teacher didn't try to teach us anything, instead he gave us a team fitness challenge. Teams of four, we had 4 minute sessions on 6 challenges, trying to max reps.
  • powerbag renegades (2 push ups, 2 upright rows, 2 shoulder presses with a 7.5kg powerbag)
  • kettlebell squats (two kettlebells, maybe 5kg each?)
  • leg press on a machine (our results were multiplied by the weight we pressed, we did 145lb)
  • push-ups (knees or toes)
  • rowing machine
  • and the final plank challenge, how long out of the 4 minutes could you hold full plank.
I was in a kick-ass team - Stuart the rugby player (sturdy and tough), Charlie the sprinter (tall and muscly) and Martin (former pro arm wrestler and power lifter). Great blokes who didn't at all make me feel like a weak link because I was (a) female, (b) a decade older than the oldest of them - although they were pretty cautious and asked me if I was okay doing the challenges!

It's not entirely comfortable doing a gym challenge in those conditions. I am working beyond my comfort zone in a way I've never done before, not physically but mentally. But I wasn't intimidated, which actually impressed me. I was especially impressed when I held the plank for THE FULL FOUR MINUTES with no breaks. Oh yeah. I have no idea how long I've held plank for before today, but now I have a personal best (which yes, left me panting and cramping and sweating, digging deep and feeling jubilant!)!!

Yeah, feeling pretty good!

And... yes, our team won the challenge! Woot!!

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