Sunday, 1 April 2012

Observations on Yoga Week

Well that's my Yoga Week over. For 4 mornings I did Bob Harper's Yoga for The Warrior DVD instead of my usual run or workout. I did no lunchtime workouts, although I did still teach 4 hours of bellydance.

My observations are as follows:

1. Yoga makes me *hungry*. I feel more hungry after an hour of yoga than I do after an hour of cardio or cardio & weights. My breakfast never felt big enough after my yoga.

2. After four mornings of yoga, I got ill. It could be utterly unrelated, but on day 4 and 5, I was utterly miserable, with pains and spasms in my stomach and nasty backache. A dancer friend said "don't stand like that, you know it's bad for you!" but my back was so tight I had no choice of how to stand, there was no movement there! I slept for 11 hours each night and woke up feeling just as bad. Could I have done something knock the alignment out of my spine?

3. Did Yoga Week make me feel more flexible and balanced? Not so I notice.

4. Did Yoga Week make me feel happy? Um, not really. Being hungry and eating so much more than usual just made me stressed.

I did yoga week to let my body recover from over-training, and get my quads back to normal. I think I've managed that. But I think rest, rather than yoga, would have done that.

Back to normal next week please!

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