Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm going to College!!

I'm going to college in August!

I got offered a place on Jewel & Esk College's HNC course in Health, Fitness and Exercise. I've accepted it!

I'm really pleased and excited at the prospect, and I'm enjoying getting my head around the idea that life's going to be overhauled by the end of the year. My daughter will start school, I won't be needed as a full-time mummy any more, and I'll be going to college and studying. And working. And being a mummy.

I am really excited and looking forward to it. I have so many questions about college:
do they still use books?
do I need to wear fitness clothes every day?
will I be every bit as annoying as the mature students who were on my university course when I was 17?
will there be lots of colouring-in?

I'm so excited. Only four months! Wow!!

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